Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Do You Wanna Date My... Amy Adams?! REALLY?

This video here, this is where it all started. Cheesemint Productions that is! The original version was made by the *she is so beautiful* Felicia Day and the awesome guys who make The Guild, a web series about a group of friends who are all part of a guild on World of Warcraft, the series follows their various escapades - in game and out. They basically inspired us to make our web series, Unlocked.

We're all huge fans - or Guildies and I highly recommend it to any gamer - MMORPGamers or otherwise. It captures my life so well even though I don't play WOW (I have thus far avoided it through fear of extreme addiction and the imminent loss of sleep, job and of my waking life in general...) I'm a gamer, raised on RPGs like The Legend of Zelda, I lost many a school day through gaming (I do feel the need to point out that I always had straight A's!). Even my university years were sapped away; while other students spent their time drinking heavily together and partaking in a social life I would often be playing Counterstrike online with the guys on my corridor - two of whom lived in the rooms next door and adjacent to mine. This is not to cast games in a negative light - no, Sir! They've shaped me as a person, been there when I needed them and there's nothing more satisfying than Co-oping with friends on Halo and taking down another team. Yeah, I could take up a team sport but video games are so varied, I mean there are so many new and exciting releases on the horizon in the gaming community all the time. Football is football...always has, always will. It's dull.

I guess games are my both my Lois Lane and my Kryptonite. Although I probably ought to rethink the Lois Lane thing, let's say...lead and Krytonite. The new Lois Lane has been announced and I can't say I'm bursting at the seams with EXCITEMENTS like I did when I heard James McAvoy will be portraying a young Charles Xavier in the X-men First Class film - I frickin' LOVE James McAvoy.'s Amy Adams! I mean she's a decent actor and no disrespect to her. She might be great - maybe. It's just, Lois Lane is not synonymous with Amy Adams...the same Amy Adams of the Disney film Enchanted! "Whaaaaaat?!" was my reaction.

Anyway, I've gone off subject, back to business...

To kick of my new blog in style, here's the Cheesemint homage to The Guild and their fantastic music video, Do You Want To Date My Avatar?

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