Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kapow! Comic Con - Part One

This is quite a late post considering Kapow! was 2 weekends ago nevertheless I'm still writing it! Not one to make excuses - much - we had a Cheesemint meeting (or "mint meet" as we call them)about series 2 of Unlocked. Some exciting things await you soon as I'm done writing this blog entry I'm starting some serious scriptwriting for that!

As soon as Mark Millar announced that the first Kapow! Comic Con would take place this April all of the 'mints were game! We knew we had be there. We all have much love for the man who was born one Christmas Eve to eventually become an awesome writer, one that the comic book world would embrace with open arms. Sorry...I went a little bit fangirl-esque there for a moment...

Anyhow, sit back and let me reminisce...I remember reading the Sonic the Hedgehog comic as a young'un back in 1994 when I only knew of Mark Millar's name because he wrote for Sonic the Comic - an old childhood fave of mine called "A Day in the Life of Robotnik" was one I read all the time. Later, I discovered his work with Marvel (mainly because my dad is an avid fan and collector or comics!) and my admiration for this Scot grew and grew.

Kapow! Comic Con despite being in it's first year was fantastic. It could have been in a venue three times it's size and would have still sold out. Finally a convention for us, UK residing geeks that isn't MCM Expo (which is full of spotty youngfolk and only worth it if you like Cosplay - so I'm told by some of the artists who have attended before). My only gripe with the Kapow, which is not that big of a deal really, is the queueing system. The inability to avoid people queueing 3 hours earlier than they should which resulted in a handful of disgruntled, angry pitchfork wielding geeks (in reality this equates to a few impassive, half hearted cries of "Hey, um...hey...Th'that's not fair!" and "I'm going to write an angry blog about this when I get home..."). This complaint is minor and totally forgivable for 3 reasons:

1) because it was a comic book convention
2) full of my people (word up, my homenerds...or something)
3) my home town of London!

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