Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Xbox Live Nightmare...

So, um. Matt and I bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 today. We both love Marvel and arcade games AND it's 2 Player Co-op on local play and Xbox Live. Booyah!

We played for all of 15 minutes until..."We cannot connect you to Xbox Live" Noooooooooooooo! *kneeling and shaking fists up the heavens* Followed by a message explaining that members of the Xbox Live community have filed complaints about my profile because it's offensive. Say what?! Apparently the sentence "That's right bitches. Now you know." has upset someone. What I want to know is, who?! I mean bitch is pre-watershed these days...right? I call my friends bitches. "Hey! S'up bitches?"

Either way whoever complained must've been a whiny little bitch. Ha. See what i did there. Yeah, I'm lame - maybe that's why they suspended me, at least I would have deserved it.

So, I've been suspended from Xbox Live, I can't even play locally. Then it dawned on me...OH MY GOD I'M SUSPENDED FROM XBOX LIVE! I logged onto my email account to find out the details and it turns out that "bitch" equates to 1 day suspension. Phew! But, really? One day. ONE. Is there some kind of curseword/punishment scale?! Does the word "fuck" = three day suspension? Weird. It really doesn't seem like that much of a punishment and isn't too much of an inconvience for me. I mean, a week...that would have killed me for sure. Also, it took them almost 2 years to notice too...Go Xbox Enforcement Team! (this is their name - for real).

Anyhow...I'm not complaining, I suppose I should have twigged earlier really. I still have much much love for the Xbox Live, it's awesome. Which leads me on to this video - in case you don't already know, we're on the archives of Xbox Live Videos an episode of Inside Xbox. We got a mention by Graeme Boyd AKA AceyBongos himself for a charity "Rockathon" we did back in November 2009. We played the Rockband 2 Endless Setlist followed by 16 songs of our choice non-stop for charidee! Harmonix sent us a bunch of t-shirts and stuff to raffle off too. We raised £700 and I'm pretty sure you can still donate HERE. I'm also a big fan of Sentuamessage. Those guys have THE best jobs ever.

Check it out:

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