Tuesday, 5 April 2011

WonderCon 2011

So, I kind of wish I'd have been in San Francisco this weekend for WonderCon 2011! The line-up looked phenomenal and is making me all the more excited of Kapow Comic Con next weekend!

I decided I'd write a list of all the things I would have gone to if I were there...

Max Brooks
- The author of the awesome Zombie Survival series! A chance to get my books signed and meet the guy would have been so cool!

Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way - I'm not a great artist and I'm in no means a great writer...but this talk would have peaked my interest for sure. It'd just provide me with some interesting insight into the industry. I'm definitely going to attend anything of similar ilk at Kapow next weekend.

DC Comics Green Lantern Sneak Peek and the panel - This is a bit of a lie, I'm neither a Green Lantern or a Ryan Reynolds fan - I probably wouldn't have gone to this but all I've seen over Twitter these past days is how awesome the latest trailer for this is! I checked it out on Apple Trailers and I've got to say it looks GOOD! This might just convert me to a Hal Jordan fan!

DC Nation Panel - I'm a DC fan..well, more Vertigo I suppose. I enjoy Batman, Batgirl and Superman...but I'm not keen on the other heroes. Still, I'd have been here!

Falling Skies - Although it looks like I'll get to see this at Kapow next weekend - it's going to replace TruBlood which I don't care for and Dexter, which I'm a little sad about - I'm sure I'll cope though as this looks very interesting indeed!

How To Get a Job in the Video Game Industry - This panel of "insiders" would have greatly interested me, having no programming/artistic skills I'd love to know how to get a job in my favourite industry! I'm more of a public relations, marketing assistant kind of girl. Basically I'd love the jobs of Dan Maher and Andy Farrant on Xbox Live.

Premiere of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Animated Original Movie - Like I said, not a GL fan but Hal Jordan is voiced by Nathan Fillion *I LOVE FILLION*! Also, Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men is in it too and she is pretty cool!

Super - This film directed by James Gunn (Slither) and starring the weird looking guy from the American version of The Office, Rainn Wilson looks HI-larious!

Marvel: Welcome to the X-Men
- I've always had a soft spot for the X-men. Ever since the cartoon used to appear on early Saturday morning TV when I was maybe 8 years old - that and the fact my dad is a huge comic book collector and has always been into Marvel. I guess I never had a choice but to love comics!

Marvel Television Presents: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Iron Man Anime - Iron Man AND anime combined?! AWESOME.

Priest— I enjoyed the manga but I'm quite unsure as to how well Paul Bettany will pull it off, I'd be more interested in seeing this just so I wouldn't have to take the risk and pay to see it when it's released!

Spotlight on Amy Reeder— A cool female artist who works for DC, why wouldn't I go to see her?! She's rather pretty too...I feel a girl crush coming on.

Anthropology of Firefly
— A talk about Firefly! Eeeeee! If someone on the street mentioned Firefly I'd have to stop them just to talk geek out about it so a talk by an actual professor/anthropologist about Whedon's masterpiece would be friggin' awesome!

Doctor Who— Booyah! Not only is it about Doctor Who...but guest writer Neil Gaiman *Gaiman IS God!* and Mark Sheppard from Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica on the panel! Excellent!

Cover Story: The Art of the Cover— I always enjoy cover art and I like history - the two combined would be awe-inspiring. I also have this book on my wishlist on Amazon!

DC Icons - Just because it's DC, I'm intrigued to know what's going on in the universe this year and strangely intrigued by the new Wonder Woman story.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - What a perfect ending to a convention! If you haven't seen this, go and watch it. Joss Whedon proves yet again that he can even make musicals cool. For someone who hates musicals...namely me - I almost pee'd my pants with laughter the first time I watched this and the songs get stuck in your head for days after! It also stars the amazng Felicia Day, Neil Patrick-Harris and Nathan Fillion...it's basically a full on Whedon-fest!

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