Monday, 2 May 2011

Why I love Hadron Colliderscope...

Many of my meatspace friends will know how often I big up my friend, Michael V. Bramley and his work. Not only is he a great writer and artist but he's also the only guy I know who can get away with pulling out a harmonica in a pub and start playing the theme to Superman. He's also part of a collaborative group of comic writers and artists called Hadron Colliderscope and this blog post is about why I love Hadron Colliderscope comics so much.

Releasing a comic every Tuesday and the occasional blog post they touch upon a myriad of genres and span many artistic syles. The regular contribuitors are superb, special mentions to Geoffrey D. Wessel, Lisandro Di Pasquale and Alice Meichi Li (Michael's wife!). Although I've throughly enjoyed contributions from everyone! The site also showcases new artists like Karen Zachary Wang who is only 19 and a phenomenal artist! All in all, they're a very talented bunch!

Michael's latest comic, PokerFaceOddity is too funny not to share with everyone on my blog. Written by Michael with art from Mike Rooth this Lady Gaga vs. David Bowie short is extremely funny and slighty offbeat. It's a real treat for those of you that love the god that is David Bowie and it even throws a few Gaga references at reader for those Gaga-ites (?). As well as being amusing it speaks to me as an artistic commentary about the lack of originality in art and life today. Perhaps, I'm reading too deeply into it as this strip apparently exists due to a joke that Michael once made.

All the comics on the site begin with little insights like this and the comics themselves are great. All the contribuitors to date have been top notch and I wholeheartedly recommend Hadron Colliderscope to anyone who enjoys entertaining stories, interesting concepts, classic sci-fi and web comics. Look out for these guys and remember their names! Warren Ellis even agreed to let Michael adapt an short piece of flash fiction of his called FuTube and Neil Gaiman recently sung the praises of Alice on twitter for Snow, Glass, Apples, a commission for Gaiman's Neverwear site.


Now go, add their site to your bookmarks, read through the archives and tell everyone. You'll all eventualy fall into the Hadron Colliderscope anyway.

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  1. Not a fan. At all. Vapid, self-indulgent drivel with borrowed ideas and stale delivery. An angst-driven hipster wet dream.