Monday, 6 June 2011

E3 Xbox Briefing 2011

It's that time of year again! I rushed home from work today as I was eager to watch the rest of the live stream from the Xbox Briefing at E3. Some interesting things indeed, a few that struck a chord with me too.

There's a new Halo trilogy...EXCITEMENTS! There's going to be a trailer online soon so I'll add it to my post when it's available! What I saw on the live feed looked pretty good, I mean, the Halo games are AWESOME. I've always enjoyed the franchise and have been a Halo girl as opposed to Call of Duty - so much rivalry! Grr! However, this new Halo 4 isn't a Bungie game!

If you play Halo then you'll know and love it's creators, Bungie. They have such a fantastic community online, care about the fans and it's clear that they love video games and they supported Rooster Teeth with Red Vs. Blue. Even their website tagline, if you search for them on Google, is "Come for the stats. Stay for the lame jokes" - they're overall, pretty damn cool. So ,you can see why I'm a little hesitant to rejoice in a new Halo trilogy sans Bungie.

Out of the Cheesemint bunch, Adam is the biggest Halo fan, his character in Unlocked is a bit of a homage to it too. He tweeted during the live feed saying that he needed to go off to work out his feelings on a Bungie-less Halo. I'm hoping that it'll be just as good but it's a hell of a franchise already in place!

In other news, Dance Central 2 was announced. Awesome. I love dancing like a loon in my living room to Snoop Dogg. Same as before really except proper 2 -player capability! You'll be able to have two people dancing at the same time instead of DC1's turn-based dance-offs. Oh and also, all DC1 content can be played through DC2 - gotta love Harmonix!

Annnnd...Kinect Fun Labs, eh? For a start, it's free! NOW! It features lots of cool Kinect features like Kinect Me, which customises your avatar for Xbox Live in incredible detail! There's also Kinect Sparkler which uses finger tracking. The guy demonstrating drew 3D pictures. Pretty awesome. The camera works by capturing two pictures of the player, then creates a composite 3D image from both of them which can then be drawn on again! The coolest feature of Fun Labs is Kinect Googly Eyes you can scan objects and create an animated version of whatever's held in front of the Kinect camera! Digital creations! YEAH!

I'll update the blog with that Halo 4 trailer when it goes live. It's only a teaser trailer but it's SHINY!

[EDIT 20:36 GMT] Here it is!

[EDIT 10/06/11 00.05 GMT] The trailer got pulled on YouTube...sadface. It's freakin' AWESOME though!

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