Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cheesemint Need You!

I haven't updated my blog with regards to my activities with Cheesemint in a while (well, bar that behind-the-scenes image I posted yesterday of course) and it occurred to me that I hadn't mentioned TWO incredibly important things...

1. Cheesemint Productions is now Cheesemint Productions Limited - yep, we're an officially registered company now, with shares and everything. Plus, we all now possess the rather illustrious title of Managing Director. So, um... yeah! Excitemints, ahoy! Expect great things from now on. Well, great-er.

Say hello to Emma-Jane Corsan MD!

2. We launched an IndieGogo project a few weeks back for our re-imagining of Unlocked (which we are currently working on). 

We've already surpassed our goal of a rather modest $500 and the total currently sits at $590 - of course the exchange rate is pretty poor so it stands at roughly just over £370. 

We're delighted that people have been so generous and amazed at how soon we reached our target. Still, with 11 days to go we'd certainly appreciate more donations. Of course, your donations will not go unrewarded, in return we're offering all kinds of perks... hehe, perks. From signed posters, unique t-shirts, an Unlocked DVD to a walk on part in the series, dinner and gaming with Cheesemint or VIP treatment at the series' premiere!

The money we raise will go towards purchasing better equipment, software, props, costumes and hiring the best locations possible, all of which will make not only Unlocked the best it can be but also our future film projects and endeavours. 

Here's our IndieGogo video which will explain a little more and contains EXCLUSIVE footage from the series so you can get a rough idea of how the series is shaping up already! 

To all those who have donated, written about our fundraising campaign on their blog, retweeted us on Twitter, "liked" us on Facebook and subscribed to our new YouTube page; THANK YOU for your support and kindness, it means so much to us and spurs us on to do bigger and better things!

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