Monday, 18 February 2013

Calling All FANgirls!

On the interwebs right now is a new comic from the mind grapes of Sara Westrop (Writer of Sexton Blake, Penny Black and Editor of indie publisher, Markosia) and featuring art work from J. L. Straw (Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures, Dark Mists 2) - be sure to check out their previous work because it is awesome!

FANgirls is based on Sara's real life experiences as a... well, fangirl and is a refreshing take on existing geek based web comics, most notably because it features female protagonists. Couple that with the fact it's created by ladies and you have a comic rife with references to all things geek which playfully pokes fun at fandom - all through the eyes of humans with double X chromosomes. Huzzah!

If Sara's influences are anything to go by, future instalments of FANgirls will continue to be current, entertaining and insightful. I asked her what her favourite things to geek out to are and she replied with "shows like Buffy, Supernatural, Red Dwarf and Spaced" and her favourite comic character is Molly Medea from Starstruck because (and I quote) "she kicks ass!!" - if that's not a reason to get behind FANgirls then maybe I should tell you that FANgirls also features an accompanying blog, covering a multitude of topics such as cosplay, indie comics, games,interviews with comic creators and much more.

Sara was kind enough to let me share with you, one of the first comics:

And if you want a sneaky hint of what's to come, having recently enjoyed Arrow, Sara also told me to expect some topless monkey bar action very soon - sounds pretty good to me! *swoon*

Having worked in the comics industry for the last three years, it's not surprising that Sara and Jane also have new projects in the pipeline, including upcoming books with Markosia and several other projects which I'm told are super secret! Until then, you can get your regular geek-based comic fix via FANgirls.

And if you love it - which let's face it, you probably will - very soon there will be plenty of ways to show your support in the form of prints and t-shirts. That's not all,  because you'll also have the opportunity to be drawn up as a FANgirl!

But Emma-Jane I hear you ask, "where do I find this hallowed geek girl web comic"?

Well, my fellow geekadeers, here's the link:

Hope you enjoy it!

And as an extra treat (courtesy of the FANgirls themselves) please enjoy this picture of Sara as a fat Psylocke.

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