Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What I Did Last Summer...

Oh you know, no big deal...I only filmed a 1920s style action/adventure film.

After creating 4 short films to showcase our varied directorial styles, we at Cheesemint decided to work on a larger project together. Matt penned the script for this wonderfully cheesy, love letter to pulpy adventure films of the past. We wanted to create something which also utilised the techniques of the past such as the matte painted backgrounds in the opening scenes and clever use of camera trickery and handmade props.

Anyway, I noticed that it has fewer views on Youtube than some of our other films and thought I'd take the opportunity to promote it again, because it was SO much fun to create. We buried Matt and Adam up to their necks in sand, filmed part of it in Aladdin's Cave (the lovely antiques shop on Magdalen Street in Norwich) and even set dressed the woods with fake cobwebs!

I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to comment on the video if you like it. Your comments mean a lot!

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