Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Where Are All The Cool, Geeky T-Shirt Designs For Women?

There are thousands of website and online stores selling unique and interesting t-shirt designs that I would pay money for if I could order them in my damn size. 

Sure, I *can* fit into a Mens Size Small but that doesn't mean I want to. As much as I hate to draw attention to it, us ladies have very different curves to you guys and many designs don't factor in the fact we have boobs - which are actually pretty awesome and should be catered for. 

A mens tee on a woman sits oddly and because our breasts protrude, it looks as though we have a body shaped like a square, which..unless you're a yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, is not a good look.

I want to wear cool designs but I don't want to tuck my tee in at the back because it doesn't fit well enough. 

There are some companies who do a good job at this and I am eternally grateful to them (Insert Coin Clothing and Genki Gear pop to mind!). 

Sort it out other tee designers! Especially if you make *some* of your designs in a girly fit, how be bout making your full range female friendly? I always seem to want the ones that aren't available in my fit! Oh, and if you want to send a sample my way I wouldn't say no ;)

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