Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Obligatory January Update Time!

Hey guys, it's been a while. Despite continuing to post regularly for Forces of Geek it seems I have neglected my blog, so sorry for that, folks. I am currently updating it with my most recent piece, but as the remainder are seasonal I'll be damned if I post a Halloween or Christmas themed post in check back later in the year for double the posts (yay).

Another reason for my absence, has been due to my schedule being absolutely rammed. In September last year my production company (fun fact: my auto correct tried to change that to 'prediction company'!) began a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a rather ambitious short film called The Titan's Eagle, which is about a 17th Century sci-fi story about an alchemist who finds himself caught in a time loop.

Production Still from The Titan's Eagle (yet to be colour graded)
We began production in October and spent much of our time solely focused on the project. When I wasn't making and sewing costumes for the extras, I was hard at work buying and making props so as you might expect my usual blog updates became secondary priorities (sorry again, folks).

Filmmaking at an independent level like ours is an all or nothing endeavour, it absorbs you and it's all you can focus on.

We finally wrapped in December, having worked with some remarkably, talented people and here's the trailer:

Just before we began production, a week before in fact, we attended MCM Comic Con in London as guests. We shared a booth with Ashens and sold merchandise, promoted ourselves and answered fan questions at our panel.

One of the backers of our short film was even in attendance (all the way from France!) and it was an extremely busy and tiring weekend for us.

I love attending MCM, the atmosphere is always exciting and I adore meeting fans of our work - I couldn't care less if only one person liked what we did, I'd just be happy that they enjoyed something we'd made.

In between all the making costumes for The Titan's Eagle, I somehow found the time to make another costume so that I could cosplay while at MCM Comic Con.

As it was also Halloween weekend, I decided to dress as Alice Liddell from the American McGee Alice: Madness Returns game.

I was rather impressed at my ability to turn some bedsheets into a pretty serviceable costume and it turned out great - if I do say so myself! You can see me in our MCM video:

Now you know what I've been up to and there's a lot more coming up in the next few months.

In February, I'll be giving a seminar to some first year UEA students about Nietzsche and Nihilism (I wrote my dissertation on Nietzsche and could speak on him for hours). I'll be discussing his work but mostly talking to the students about life post-university and reassuring them that Philosophy degrees are pretty damn awesome.

Later that week, I've also been invited to be a panellist on a Games Writing panel at UEA's annual Working With Words event alongside some talented people. Once details are confirmed, I'll be sure to post the panel time and where it'll be hosted in case you want to come and listen to me waffle on about games or writing...or pie.

I'm also working on several film projects of my own and am involved in a couple due to be filmed in Feb/March. To top it all off, our production company, Cheesemint, have been invited on as guests on The Deleted Scene Podcast this year to discuss film, web series and talk about upcoming projects and I've agreed to also be a guest on The Super 8-Bit Power Hour podcast to talk about games writing and 'stuff' to be confirmed.

Watch this space!

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